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Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is often difficult for clinicians to manage for patients.  It often takes multiple therapies and medications to provide needed relief to patients.

There is a growing consensus that chronic pain is a disease entity.  This disease has been termed maldynia by the American Medical Association.   This new designation has come about in recognition that acute and chronic pain are fundamentally different experiences, demanding a fresh approach to diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis.  It has been repeatedly demonstrated that many chronic pain disorders have a major component of central sensitization.  What is now suggested is that several of these many chronic pain disorders are not separate and distinct diseases, but rather varying presentations of central sensitization.

Brilliant Medical Solutions provides a Non-Narcotic Alternative for Acute and Chronic Pain, Opioid Reduction and Sleep Enhancement.

Many clinicians have found that a protocol combining the latest in electrical stimulation both percutaneously for central stimulation and high frequency pulsation for local stimulation to be highly effective for their patients.  through neurostimulators that trigger pain blocking through percutaneous consistent stimulation of the peripheral nerves utilizing PSTIM and electroanesthesia utilizing high frequency electrical stimulation of the local area being affected using the Neuromed Matrix to be extremely effective in the treatment of their patients.