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        Finally A Non-Drug Solution for Acute and Chronic Pain


        • The P-STIM is a patented, FDA cleared miniaturized electro-stimulation device that operates on the principle of auricular (ear) nerve stimulation.
        • The P-STIM device provides a continuous flow of intermittent, low frequency electrical pulses to specific peripheral nerves with end locations in the ear relieving many types of acute and chronic pain. These pulses block afferent nerve pathways, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar nerve root origins.
        • Stimulation with the periodic signals can take place over four days, alternating three hours of stimulation with three hours of rest.
        • Depending on the level and length of a patient’s pain, PSTIM may be placed up to nine sessions a week apart, with increasing pain relief throughout the series of treatments. P-STIM may also be used for post operative pain management and other symptom specific treatments.


        • The P-STIM is minimally invasive and is applied in an economical time frame.
        • The device is removed and disposed of by the patient after four days
        • It is light weight (7g), allowing a patient to enjoy normal daily activities without restrictions.
        • An advantage over drug therapy is that the patient no longer suffers any of the possible side-effects of pain-killers such as impaired reactions. In most cases, the patient claims an improvement in overall clarity and quality of life.
        • P-STIM is generally well tolerated and can be combined with other forms of therapy.
        • After the initial treatment, most patients describe a remarkable reduction in symptoms.

        Innovative Health Solutions is dedicated to supporting practitioners across a multi-disciplinary platform of pain management. IHS offers a complete series of training and informational DVD’s as well as on-site training, product, patient and re-imbursement support. Join with other practitioners across the nation who are enjoying the satisfaction of helping those who suffer from chronic pain by adding this fantastic adjunctive treatment. Imagine your most challenging patients and then imagine being able to offer them a non-narcotic alternative.


        P-STIM was created for patients who suffer from chronic pain including:

        • Back Pain
        • Sciatica
        • Cervical/Neck Pain
        • Arthritic and joint pain
        • Fibromyalgia
        • Zoster related pain
        • Cancer pain
        • Depression & Insomnia
        • Migraines
        • Surgical post-operative pain

        P-Stim therapy will effectively:

        Reduce Pain

        • Reduce localized inflammation and swelling
        • Reduce narcotic consumption
        • Increase vascular perfusion
        • Promote wound healing
        • Promote healthful sleep

        Acute Conditions

        • arthroscopic surgeries
        • facet joint injections
        • trigger point injections
        • TMJ surgeries

        Chronic Conditions

        • cervical pain
        • low back pain
        • fibromyalgia
        • arthritis pain/ inflammation
        • TMD pain
        • migraine headache
        • pain related sleep disorders
        • RSD/CRPS
        • post motor vehicle accident soft tissue injuries


        • diabetic neuropathy
        • trigeminal neuralgia
        • Bell’s Palsy
        • chemotherapy induced neuralgia

        Manual Therapy

        • physical therapy
        • chiropractic manipulation
        • acupuncture

        P-Stim therapy, when used in conjunction with other treatments, often results in increased symptom reduction.The P-Stim will help what you do Work better.