More than 40 million people are affected with musculoskeletal pain, resulting in more than 300 million physician visits and costing hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

For example, low back pain is a major medical problem. Worldwide, from 60 to 80% of people will have it during their lifetime and 2% to 5% will have it at any given time. In the United States, low back pain is one of the most common problems for which people visit a doctor and is the most common cause of disability under the age 45.

In the last several years, health policymakers, health professionals, regulators, and the public have become increasingly interested in the provision of better pain therapies. This is evidenced in part by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ dissemination of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of pain.


“Over 40% of patients seek medical help because they are in pain”

NeuroMed is actively involved in shaping the industry and transforming technologies so physicians can have what they need to help their patients in pain.

For many years, NeuroMed has been working with physicians in the treatment of PAIN and Circulatory Disorders, by providing physicians with an advanced computer assisted High Definition frequency generator (HDfg) to treat PAIN.logo-nih

This technology provides physicians with an advanced physical medicine treatment known as Electroanalgesia. NeuroMed, in collaboration with occupational medicine providers and managed care organizations, has constructed realistic treatment procedures addressing pain by using the NeuroMed Electroanalgesic Delivery System to reduce the hyper-irritated state of the nerves. Electroanalgesic treatment offers exemplary patient success in the treatment of PAIN without piercing the skin.

Few companies can say their Mission is as deeply embedded into the hearts and minds of it’s people as is at NeuroMed. The actions and decisions of employees at every level are rooted in their quest to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.” As President and CEO of NeuroMed, Peter Beltran “It is an honor, a privilege, and a duty to have a purpose that calls on us to help improve peoples lives.”