MATRIX PMT System (software version 2/2.0)

For years many physical therapist (PT) and chiropractic physicians (DC) have been helping patients by using this effective advanced physical medicine treatment known as Electroanalgesic medicine. Using an advanced computer assisted High Definition frequency generator (HDfg) T that can produce much higher frequencies 8,300 Hz (Hertz) or pps (pulses per second) to reduce the hyper-irritated state of the nerves, electroanalgesic treatment offers exemplary patient success in the treatment of PAIN, without piercing the skin.

Electroanalgesic medicine have been successfully used and documented by physicians for a wide variety of refractory pain management problems. Long-term advantages of this treatment regimen include:.

  • Potentially returning a PAIN patient to the work force


  • Allowing the patient to perform activities of daily living with minimal pain


  • Dramatic cost savings in both treatment and subsequent (lifelong) medications


  • Avoiding interventions or surgery in a patient for whom every other conservative alternative has been exhausted or in a high-risk medical patient


  • Avoiding the probability (even with surgery) of chronic pain for this patient for the balance of his/her life (depending on the outcome of ongoing treatment)

The MATRIX PMT System has 15 computer-assisted programs with the most advanced technology using specific pre-programmed software algorithms to bioelectrically trigger 3 different physiological mechanisms of actions. Frequency ranges from .01-250 pps, (with the ability to effect the nerves by stimulating or facilitating), but also using a High Definition frequency generator (HDfg) TM that can produce much higher frequencies (or pulses per second) from 5,000 pps,to as high as 8,300 pps to inhibit(interrupt) the pain signals.


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