In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it is wise for healthcare providers to explore alternative avenues of practice diversification to help create more comprehensive services for their patients. Many practitioners have watched their income erode due to managed care, referring patients to other physicians, declining medical reimbursements, and increasing operating expenses.

How will it affect you?

Today’s medical practice is just like any other business; its facilities, equipment, and therapeutic scope must be upgraded constantly. A practice cannot afford to lose patients to outside referrals.
This creates:

  •     Loss of patient-doctor relationship
  •     Loss of patient confidence
  •     Loss of service / convenience
  •     Loss of practice income

Traditional Solutions. . .

Traditional solutions to increasing practice revenue. . .

  •     Increase operational hours or number of business days
  •     Initiate an advertising / marketing campaign to attract  more patients
  •     Bring in an associate or partner to allow for greater patient population
  •     Time-compounding by expanding the therapeutic scope of the practice