Fast Relief for Ear Pain- Eardoc Perfect For Your Medical Practice

Pediatricians, ENT’s & Family Physicians when your patients come in with ear pain associated with otitis media or other ear infections consider Eardoc�as your solution;

Patients who present with ear pain want relief fast. Eardoc can help with relieving the pain almost instantly. The eardoc can be used safely on children and adults and relieves pressure that builds up in the ear. Learn more about EARDOC and how you can benefit by providing this non-invasive treatement to your patients. Call us directly at 888-838-0432 for additional information.

Product Quick Facts

  • Eardoc is safe to use for pain with or without antibiotics.
  • Eardoc is safe to use in conjunction with other OTC/Rx analgesics.
  • Will cause no known drug interactions.
  • Will cause no known side effects.
  • Eardoc is safe and effective for all ages when used as directed.
  • Eardoc is available to sell in your office or retail location. Buy in packages of 10 units or contact us for case quantity pricing.

What kind of tests were performed on the EARDOC?

The Eardoc was tested in the top medical university in Europe. The Eardoc test was performed with a Tympanometer on 40 Patients over 6 weeks, it shows with no doubt that the Eardoc opens the eustachian tube and relieves the pain. For the full clinical information please contact us here.






Users Satisfaction

A survey was conducted on the Eardoc users to check:

  • Do individuals feel pain relief after using the Eardoc?
  • Satisfaction of the users from the way it works and looks

The results of our investigation indicate that the participants who use the Eardoc felt relieved after using the EARDOC

94% Reported that the pain was relieved or eliminated.

94.3% Would use the Eardoc in the future if they suffered from ear pain.

35% Used the Eardoc as they had pain from time to time.

26% Used the Eardoc due to otitis media.

23.5% Reported that the Eardoc helped them to absorb the medication.

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