Do you or someone you know suffer from headaches, stress, anxiety, depression or migraines?


Headoc is an innovative device made to treat stress, anxiety and headaches in a whole new approach. Three technologies combined in to one hand held device. NO DRUGS, NO DOCTORS, just a simple click to press the stress away.

The Headoc is designed to provide immediate relief, so you can improve your day to day wellbeing without medication and without delay.


The technologies in the Headoc are all aimed to fight stress, anxiety and migraines. Three technologies working synergistically for optimal results in minimal time.



Negative ions are a natural molecule found in nature which improves cognitive functions as well as affects mood and depression.

Negative ions can be found in the air around us at all times. When spread in to the air, negative ions reduce depression, improve memory and enhance cognitive performance. Negative Ions have a positive effect on decision making and concentration required by the fast pace of modern lifestyle.

Environments with high negative Ions have a positive effect on cognitive performance and mood. Waterfalls, the Alps, the ocean and many outdoor sceneries offer high concentration of negative Ions. That is why we feel even better on vacation. Now, the Headoc brings Negative Ions to the palm of your hand.


Vibration has been proven to be a stress relieving technique which also improves blood flow. The Headoc utilizes the advantages of vibration therapy to assist with anxiety, pain and even improve sleep. The Headoc vibration is soothing and relaxing, and also aids the effect of the other technologies utilized in the Headoc.

The vibration’s intensity can be easily adjusted to suit a volume you feel comfortable with. The Headoc’s vibration mode also allows use of the Headoc as an applicator of creams or oils, providing a massage to the skin which helps the cream enter the skin and pores. The cream applicator is a standard part of the Headoc package, and can be used for beauty creams, massage oils, and other ointments meant for skin application.


Red light photo-therapy is proven to increase metabolism of muscle and tissue. NASA has used photo-therapy as a main part of astronauts care in space. Red light photo-therapy is frequently used in beauty care. It is marketed in professional devices of cosmetic care and home use devices.
Red light treatments can improve skin regeneration, which provides better composure of the skin as well as help minor wrinkles. In the medical industry, red light photo therapy has many uses. Research has shown that red light is linked with energy & metabolism in muscle, bone and other tissue. Moreover, it has even been suggested that astronauts can use LED blankets to prevent muscle and bone atrophy (degeneration of cells).