Please note: you must be a healthcare professional to order this test.

Unlike existing paper and pencil based Alzheimer’s tests, the Computerized Self Test (CST), is an early warning assessment of cognition which:

  1. Screens all six cognitive domains (a critical step to accurately assess cognitive health)
  2. Is reimbursable in a physician’s office
  3. Can be taken in 8 -10 minutes
  4. May be self-administered (help may be provided for those lacking computer skills)
  5. Provides immediate and objective, computer-based scoring
  6. Demonstrates over 98% accuracy rates in ongoing clinical trials

In 2002, Dr. John H. Dougherty Jr., a leading neurologist, developed the Self Test, a paper test designed to identify cognitive impairment at the earliest possible stages. This test continues to be widely used in physicians’ offices. The Computerized Self Test (CST) evolved from that paper test and ongoing research, and is now reimbursable in a physician’s office.

Studies have shown the quick, easy CST to be a reliable, accurate tool that aids in the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other types of cognitive impairment. Regular testing will help you track changes in your cognitive functions over time.

It is our hope that, by making the COGselftest easily accessible in your physicians office, we can begin to reduce the number of people who fall through the diagnostic cracks until it is too late for effective treatment.

Ongoing studies of the online version of the test show it to be 98 percent accurate in identifying cognitive impairment. The CST screens all cognitive domains, helping to identify different types and degrees of impaired cognition.

Early detection is your most powerful weapon in the fight against dementia. The COGselftest can be your first step in that fight. It’s quick, easy, affordable and accurate.