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Helpful General Information

The Most Accurate VNG to Identify Nystagmus

  • CPT Codes used 92540, 92543, 92546
  • 92540 Vestibular Evaluation with Ocular Motor testing and positional testing
  • 92543 Calorics testing
  • 92546 Rotational tests
Key Benefits

Balanceback is a fast (less than 10 minutes without calorics) and efficient way to help clinicians quickly identify patients with nystagmus due to CNS or peripheral issues.

Clinically Friendly Software Exclusive features:

  • Superior Eye Tracking with noise filters to remove most blinks and head movement.
  • Large and Clear video eye management software provides a simple way to center and zoom into the eye for customized ideal viewing of your patients eye.
  • A Super Magnification Window that allows the eyes to be blown up on the screen to observe eye movement from further distances or for close-up review.
  • Instant Playback review the eye movements from any test immediately following the test control with time code and pause features. Also can be reviewed in Super Magnification Window.
  • Patient Medical Profile intake form to enhance analysis and reporting.
  • Video Professor – Built-in clinical support that provides prompts to assist with proper procedures in testing the patient.
  • American Institute of Balance testing protocols template as a clinical guide
  • Digitally store video files for patients in proprietary super compression technology used in the US Air Force without loss of quality.
  • HIPAA compliant security for burning and storing files on DVD for future reference

Technological Advantages:

  • MagnifEye™ – Enhanced video image of patient’s eye movement.
  • Audio Cue- An automated auditory tone for head-shake tests
  • Ultra Light Dual Video Goggles – A superior two-camera design provides improved patient comfort and durability
  • Nystagmus Detection – The world ‘s best algorithm designed to solve the problems of over-calculation of random eye movement and eye blinks.
  • ExacTrak™ – Advanced proprietary software provides exact eye coordinates throughout testing.
Patient Criteria

Most Common Indication for VNG Testing:

  • Any patients with Dizziness or Giddiness

Balanceback Video Nystamography System
A 20 Minute Non-Invasive Test to Accurately Measure Nystagmus

Dizzy patients are often difficult to diagnose. Dizziness in particular Vertigo can be caused by several different medical conditions:

  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Balance Disorders
  • Neuromuscular Conditions
  • Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Pharmacalogical
  • Psychological Conditions

The most common cause of vertigo is usually a vestibular or inner ear problem.  Balanceback VNG system can help you quickly identify if a patient is suffering from vertigo as a result of a vestibular disorder or neurological disorder that is causing a nystagmus.  In 20 minutes you can measure ocularmotor capabilities of a patient as you present different stimuli:

  • Smooth Pursuit
  • Saccadic Pursuit
  • Optokinetics
  • Gaze
  • Postional Vertigo Tests
  • Calorics Stimulation