Does Your Practice Connect with Your Patients

By now you’re more than familiar with the names TwitterFacebook and YouTube — the big three in social-media. You’ve probably asked yourself, and have been asked by others, ‘Why you don’t have a presence in one, if not all, of these venues?’ 


Your answers may have ranged from “Why should I?” to “I don’t even know how to get started.” Those responses are not surprising,

Brilliant Medical Solutions can help make your practices transition to Social Media a breeze.  We can do everything from setting you up to managing your Social Media presence on the web. If you are ready to get started
Connecting with Customers


The four main reasons businesses should be using social media. All four — marketing, public relations, market research and customer service — are geared to do the same thing: Connect the physician with his or her current and potential patients.

The first step is to give your patients the health information, and background information that is most likely to appeal to them. Our goal is to create a positive perception of you and your practice.

Social Media can also act as a Customer Service tool as well as go a long way to improving yoru relationship with your patients. Everything from letting your patients know when you are offering a new service too when you will be on vacation will help your patients plan their visits to your office. 

Building Referrals Through Social Media


Doctors can also use sites like Facebook to build referrals by allowing their patients to put testimonials on how well they were treated by the Doctor.   This takes the place of the bulletin on your board in your office of the complimentary letters and reaches out to all of their friends to let them know how wonderful you truly are.  You can't buy that kind of advertising but Social Medial makes it work.

You can also use it as a reminder to patients when flu season starts or to make sure your your patients are compliant with the preventative steps like checking their blood pressure or their insulin level regularly if they have high blood pressure or diabetes.  It is another positive way to help bond your relationship with your patients.

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